In the fitness campus for young people, a wide variety of activities will be designed to increase physical condition, strength, resistance and health in general. Some of the activities that can be done in this fitness campus includes:

Training routines:

Adaptations of physical training exercises will be done regarding physical condition, age and personal goals. This includes resistance exercises such as functional training, cardiovascular exercises such as running, jumping rope and HIIT training.

Fitness classes:

There will be group classes of different types of fitness activities, such as zumba, yoga, pilates, functional training, dance, fitboxing among others, in order to allow young people to experience different types of exercise and find their favourite ones.

Sportive activities:

Besides fitness training, there will also be included sportive activities, such as football, basketball, volley, tennis matches or other sports that interest participants. This allows a combination of physical training with sportive practice and promotes competitiveness.

Nutritional assessment:

Nutrition is an important part of fitness and health in general. In campus fitness for young people, talks and workshops about nutrition and healthy diet will be offered, among other practical tips for a balanced diet that is appropriate to the level of physical activity they do.

Recreational activities:

Despite physical activities, there will also be recreational and fun activities, such as cultural and water activities, excursions, social activities and other ways of entertainment in order to promote social interaction and amusement.

Evaluations and tracking:

There will be initial evaluations and periodic tracking to measure the participant’s progress in ways of physical condition, strength and resistance. This helps to establish goals and do gain tracking for each participant.