Here comes Campus Olimpia again this year! If you are passionate about sports, this is your year. We are back in action with big news. This year we offer two different modalities of campus:

We are sure that we can offer a secure and trusting environment for children and young people that enhances social and personal relationships, fosters a secure and educative game environment and ensure its development.


1st From June 26th to July 2nd
2nd From July 3rd to July 7th
3rd From July 10th to July 14th
4th From July 17th to July 21st
5th From July 24th to July 28th 
6th From July 31st to August 4th
7th From August 7th to August 11th
8th From August 14th to August 18th
9th From August 21st to August 25th
10th From August 28th to September 1st




Morning From 9am to 1pm 74.50 €
Morning +lunch From 9am to 3pm 110.95 €
Complete From 9am to 5pm 136.95 €


Each week, we will offer a host service from 8 to 9am.

  • It is mandatory to notify it with a minimum of 1 week in advance.
  • This service will be available if there is a minimum of 6 children enrolled.

This service will cost 2,5€ per day or 10€ per week.



From April 15th the process of pre-registration to campus Olimpia will be open online on the Ajuntament website. Pre-registration is only to book a spot for the children, it is not a registration, due to this, the registration will have to be completed in our centre reception from April 15th, where you will have to provide your children’s documentation (mother/father/tutor’s ID, child’s ID, family book, sanitary card and actualised vaccines card) and make the payment of the weeks.

To make this pre-registration you will have to enter this link: where you will find all CEM Can Ricart and CEM Colom campus, and you will have to provide your children’s ID, so do your ID and choose the weeks and the timetables in which you want to pre-register them (this website will not be activated until April 15th, and it is only to save the spot, it is not a registration).


Regarding the case you want to apply for a financial aid for Campus Olimpia, on April 17th will be opened the financial aid application process that can be applied until May 15th using an online form that you will find in the Ajuntament de Barcelona Campaign website: You will also be able to check the requirements on this website.

Do not forget that it is not until you come to the centre to complete the pre-registration or to register for the weeks, you will not be able to apply for financial aid. This year, you can come to the centre from 10am to 8pm to apply for it, as it can be done in person. To do so, you will have to provide us with the IDALU (student identification). Without IDALU, it is not possible to do it. Remember that only one centre can enter in the financial aid application. If you do it for more than one centre, financial aid will be denied.


People who apply for financial aid must pay 10% of the weeks included in the financial aid application. If the resolution of the financial aid is not favourable, you must pay the rest of the total amount once the resolution is out.

People who do not apply for financial aid must do the payment online on our website or in our centre's reception.

If you have any doubt, you can email us to, and we will be happy to help you.