Altres Serveis


Servei tovallola


We make things easier for you with our towel service. Stop carrying and washing your towel. In addition, if you need an extra daily towel, you can have it with a small supplement to your monthly fee. Ask for more information on this service in our club.


You can also sunbathe in our club. We have a vertical UV-rays booth in each changing room. Ask for more information on this service in reception.


We have two types of locker service:

  • Rental. To enjoy the club in the most comfortable way. You can leave your belongings in and go unburdened.
  • Occasional use. They allow you to leave your things during your training session.


If you are a CEM Can Ricart or CEM Colom subscriber, you can use this service. It allows you to use the services included in any of the two centers’ fee paying only for one of them. You only need to bring your membership card and pay a small amount when you go to the other center.

Servei d’armariets